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What you get with Keenow

Secure Wi-Fi access anywhere

Private Online Browsing

Email Transfer Encryption

Secure Connection with no Trace Left Behind

People all over the world Like us

Bastian S.

Finally an unblocker that actually does what it promises and successfully unblocks Netflix. Now I can watch my favorite shows from Sweden! Thank you!

Solange P.

You guys seriously rock! I can only wish that all the paid VPN clients I've used in the past would have such as a great support as you guys. Keep up the good work!

Katherine W.

Netflix in Canada has a very limited content to what my friends in US get for the same price... thanks to Keenow, I can watch the entire US library without any worries.

Quynh T.

Awesome! I can watch TV shows and movies which are restricted in my country. Really recommended!

Why Keenow is a must-have app?

Protect Your Privacy

Your Internet Protocol (IP) address reveals a lot about your browsing habits, and allows websites to identify you. You can easily put an end to it by using Keenow to mask your IP address. Firewall level kill-switch as well as IPv6 and DNS leak protection features are included.

Secure Your Data Transfer

Keenow encrypts all your transmitted data, securing your internet connection from hackers trying to sniff or hijack your data. It is highly recommended to use Keenow on all public Wi-Fi networks, and on private Wi-Fi networks that are vulnerabile to attacks.

Avoid ISP Throttling

Does your ISP throttle down your internet speed for some online activities? Look no further! All your data is military-grade encrypted with Keenow, so your ISP cannot throttle you down ever again!

Easy-to-use Apps

Keenow is designed to suit any kind of user, from beginner to expert. Just sign-in and the app will do the manual work for you, so you can enjoy all the features without worrying about the technical part of the deal. Hallelujah!

High-speed Guaranteed

Unlike other unblockers that solely rely on the VPN technology, Keenow mainly uses the Smart DNS technology to deliver ultra-fast streaming experience. You can keep Keenow ON at all times without sacrificing your day-to-day internet speed.

Great Client Support

Client satisfaction means everything to us, and our support team will make sure that you utilize the full potential of Keenow. We are very open to client's feedback as well - many of the features you see were requested by our clients!